It is believe that the beast dog was once the pet of a Satanist. Some years ago and when he died there was no one to look after it. so now it walks the streets of Leicester, looking for its next victim to eat. It has been spotted all over Leicester, and it has injured and killed numerous amount of people.

The beast dog that walks the streets at night, it is said to look like a scruffy German shepherd, but pure black and white fur and large dark red horns. Not many have survived the beast dog, but not all are as fortunate. victims that have encountered the beast have been, mauled to death and have bite marks and chunks missing.

The only things left behind by the beast dog, unknown paw pints with a pattern and fur. Nether has been identified as any knoe, species of dog or wolf. The one's who have survived have described it as a, scruffy black and white German shepherd with red horns. Unnaturally fast, aggressive and comes out of no were. The paw print from the beast stop abruptly after a couple, of yards like it vanished in to thin air.

People who were injured by the beast, or know the beast is real wont go out at night. For fear of being the beast next victim.