It was October of 2013, snow covered the streets, trees, cars and the roof tops. their was a group of guys, There was William the loud mouth idea cockney man from London, Danny the professional lock pick, and Tony the joker of the group.


They were always getting in to trouble, Halloween was coming up and the, wanted to terrorizes, as many people as possible. They where sitting in there hide out, planning what pranks the were going to do.

They heard some sort of chanting, now curios what it was. When they found were the noise was coming from, it was a gypsy camper, but the one chanting was gone. They looked through the windows but saw no one.

They broke in to see what valuables they had, they found some jewelry and very old books. The took the stuff back to their hide out, be for they got caught.

Danny was looking through the books, and found a ritual for wealth and goo fortune. As long as you can survive, the trial of the Guàiwù zhīzhū (Monster Spider). Tony jokingly suggested they should do it William and Danny teased each other, that the other was to chicken to do it. The joking turned in to an agreement.

Be for they knew it they all, were planning to do it on Halloween night. The night came and they carried a, large mirror big enough for all three, of them to see their reflection, and 9 candles 3 each. They set up the mirror and the candles and waited for midnight to come.

Midnight came and they started the ritual, with their arms stretched out and palms facing up, looking strait in to the mirror, and 3 lit white candles in front of them.

"Guàiwù zhīzhū come and judge me, and give us what I deserve" they all chanted 3 times. Then they went home to bed, so the could get what they deserve.

The next day when they got up, to see their flat destroyed and Guàiwù zhīzhū, scratched in to the wall of each room. They reported the brake in, but there was no sign of forced entry, and the cop's couldn't do much. Just put out broad cast's to find the one responsible.

That night they locked up and went to bed as normal, but they weren't alone. They were awoken up by banging, crashing and screams of multiple people. As if they were being tortured, when they got to room there would be, nothing there and all the noise would move to another room. None of them got any sleep that night.

This went on for day, then weeks then it turned, in to months. They were found in February of 2014, dead in their own home. Mutilated beyond recognition, the place destroyed and Guàiwù zhīzhū scratched, on all the walls