Jenifer lived happily with James her boyfriend. He worked as a layer and she, worked as a part time waitress. One Saturday Jenifer had to work the late shift. The restaurant closed early, so Jenifer got to leave earlier. She hurried home hoping to surprise her boyfriend.

When she got home she creped in through the back door. Thinking James was in living room she creped in, but he wasn't there wondering where he was. She heard him up stairs talking to a woman. Infuriated she grabbed James's shot gun from the gun cabinet. She quietly went up stairs, and burst in to the bed room.

Heart broken at seeing them in bed together, she shot them both in the head. Then she killed her self. Now she will appear when a couple in bed. She will ask "Do you love her?". If you answer yes but are lying she will know and kill you. If you answer no and mean it she will kill you. The only way you can live is, saying yes and genially meaning it.