Joey and Ericka lived next door to each other, as they got older they became best friend's. They were both Goth's, and loved writing. After Ericka had to move, a few streets away. They would keep in contacted, on a chat room called chat room 666. Were they could find, urban legend's, creepy story's and other people in to the same thing.

On a Saturday after 10:00pm, Joey and Ericka were still up chatting. Ericka's mum and dad were out, Ericka was nervous about being on her own. Joey tried to comfort her, by staying up chatting with her. Ericka told Joey that a man wouldn't stop messaging her, her was creeping her out. he was sending her message's, that he loved her and she knew him. she thought it was Joey at first. but he assured her it wasn't.

told her to repot him, Ericka said she had but he keep's popping up. Joey said that he would be right back, as there was some one at the door for him. Ericka sat waiting scared and wondering, wondering who wanted to see Joey so late. When Joey returned Ericka ask who it was, but he wouldn't tell and changing subject. When Ericka stopped responding to Joey's message's, he tried to call her but got no answer. When she eventually responded Joey asked, why she didn't respond but she just changed the subject.

This wasn't like Ericka, as she told him every thing. Every time he asked what happened, she would change the subject. Joey decided to tell her, about the visitor he had that night. The person that had been messaging Ericka had given Joey a visit, threatening him to stay away from Ericka. Ericka now petrified broke down and told him what happened. she had heard something in the back garden. She went to have a look to see what it was, there was a man in the back garden with a torch walking towards the house.

She said the man was calling her name, and now she was hiding in the closet. Joey told her to call the cops, She told him that she could hear some one in the house. Ericka didn't respond for half an hour, Joey waited for Ericka to say something. so he knew she was okay, then she sent him a blank message. Joey asked if she was okay, and what had happened. the message's he got didn't seem right, now unsure of who he was talking to. questioned them about it, but Ericka' account went of line.

The next day Joey went on line, and saw he had a message from Ericka. asking him to meet her, as he was getting ready. his mum called him down stair's to the living room, were there were to police officer's waiting to ask him a couple of question's. They said Ericka had gone missing, and they wanted to know if he knew anything.