Carl Walkman from the grave yard creepy pasta, while he was in hospital he became clockwork man. This is the recorded accounts of, what happened to him while he was ther.

Carl parents made him see a psychiatrist. He was diagnosed with psychoses and depression , after that his parents put him in a mental hospital. Where he was kept separate from every one else, in a room with woods painted the staff believed the paintings calmed the patients.

The only noise's he could hear were the, staff passing by the door, other patients screaming and laughing, and the clock that hung on the wall in his room. His enter day was planned out for him.

7:30am: Medication. 8:00am: Breakfast. 10:00am: Psychiatrist appointment. 12:00pm: Lunch. 2:00pm: Constructive therapy. 4:00pm: Reflection time. 6:00pm: Dinner time. 8:00pm: Shower. 9:00pm: Bed time.

Carl had to follow this routine every day, after 5 weeks Carl became obsessed with time. He manage to steal a watch of one of the staff members, then waited for an opportunity to be alone. He ripped out left eye and replaced it with the watch, when he was found by a nurse. It was to late, he had lodged the watch in. It was to risky to remove it as the staff, was unsure what damage would be coursed by removing it.

He was treated for the wound, but was never allowed be alone. Over a couple of days, he was allowed to stay in the day room more. where he meet Caroline, they swapped story's of what had happened to them. 3 weeks later he escaped from hospital, no one knows his current were abuts.