In 2003 a in the woods of England, three hitch hiker stumbled across a cave. They could hear crying, of multiple people. "Hello" one shouted in to the cave, but got no response. another one of the hikers pointed out there was a ladder. they went down the ladder. using their torches to light their way, they explored the cave.

Looking around trying to find the source, of the crying. Thinking some people needed help, they didn't get far in to the cave. They came across bones, scattered every were.

Bones of adults and children. Along with toys and other things, that once belonged to these people. Who died in the cave. The smell of death in the air, was strong and putrid. The hurried out of the cave, vomiting seconds after leaving.

They tried to call the police, but their mobiles had no reception. They hiked back to the car they arrived in. To make the call as they knew they, would get a reception there.

The police arrive got to, the hikers with in minutes. The hikers showed them were the, cave is but refused to go back in. There was an investigation, to find out what happened. Some of the objects, that were found dated. Back the early 1940's.

It has not been determined who those people were, or what happened in the caved. The bone's and objects were removed from the cave. The remains were given a funeral, and the belongings were put in to storage.

The cave was named the crying cave, due to the fact that. The cry's of the people can still, be heard coming from the cave.