Dravokie is a no eyed horned beast, he starks the night. He has many followers/worshipers, that fill out his commands. He is believed to hundreds of years old, as there is evidence of classified information going back hundreds of years.

He prays on humans coursing what, is know as Dravokies disorder. The disorder involves:

1, A trance state, similar to sleep walking.

2, Nightmare's.

3, Self harming in the trance state.

4, Paranoia.

5, Sadness.

6, Uncontrollable fear.

7, Anxiety.

8, Irritability.

9, Heightened appetite, or loss of appetite

10, And a sense of hopelessness.

He do's this to weaken the person, to make them easer to control. He use's them to get what he wants, when he no longer needs them he disposes of them. It is believe he collets the souls of those he disposes of.

The symbols to the left is believed to be the language. Of Dravokie and his followers/worshipers. It has not been determined, what the symbols mean. Dravokies origin is unknown or why he exists, he feeds on the flesh and souls of humans.

It is believed that Dravokie can possess people. In order to gather more followers/worshipers. Dravokie has been know to kidnap children, for the purpose of turning them in, to followers/worshipers. Or to sacrifice them in order strengthen his power.

There is an organization investigating Dravokie, and trying to hide the fact that he exists. In an attempt to stop any mass panic. It is possible to fight him as long the one that he, has latched on to believes can be freed from him.

The information of Dravokie needs to be spread, so the next person who is attacked, or has him latched to them. Know what he is.