There was a mother called Elda, who cared for her 13 year old daughter Elsa. Elda grow up in foster care, so she didn't know her real family. Elsa's grandparents died in a burglary when she was a child, and her farther died in a car accident 3 years prior.

Elda worked as a full time chef, at a restraint and worked half day Saturdays. Elsa had slept at a friend's house on Friday, but was suppose to be back around 5 next day. When Elsa didn't return by 9, Elda thought she was staying another night and forgot to tell her. So she didn't put the chain on, when morning come there was still no sign of Elsa. Elda called the police, and she gave all information she could and some of Elsa's things to help with the instigation.

Months passed with no sign of Elsa, this was the worst torment ever known to Elda. Elda's sanity was at it's limit, hardly eating or sleeping. 3 months later on 11th may 2006, the police knock at the door.

The police man said 'I'm sorry to tell you, Elsa's body has been found'. Elda was going through her daughter things that was found with her, when she found a tape with a blank label. Watching the tape she saw the final moments of her daughter, before she passed. Breaking her sanity and committing suicide, it is said that if you find and watch the tape, that Elda will kill you the same way her daughter died.