This story is not a long one, but I'm trying to spread it. If you find this cheat, under no condition do not use it. It is hard to find but those, who have either are severely psychologically damaged, suffer from clinical depression or have committed suicide. They have tried to remove it from the internet completely, but some have still found it. I can not stress enough if you, find the cheat do not use it.

GTA 3, is set in Liberty city and, is a well know amongst gamers.

What isn't know about this game, is that there is a hell cheat, that turn the street of liberty city in to hell. Once the cheat is activated, there is no way in going back. When the cheat is successfully entered the sky turns blood red, the building site half destroyed or damaged, then abandoned just left to rot.

Car's left scattered all over the road's, with people horribly mutilated inside, or trace's their belonging and a, trail of blood left behind. Some car's are burnt out shell's of what they once were, with the remains of those who were inside at the time.

The scream's for help and cry's of pain of men, women and children can be heard coming from all directions. The remains of body's of men women and children, are left scattered around the streets of liberty city, in a pool of their own blood. killed in the most horrific ways possible.

Your character is the only one still standing, stairked and terrorist by gruesome, monsters and beasts no matter what you, do they will find you.