== Needed ==

4 full length mirrors

4 Candles


You must offer 1 year of your life.


== Rules ==

Chose 3 question for the present mirror, 3 question for the past mirror, 3 question for the future mirror.

Do not break Eye contact with any of your reflection, or they with not answer truthfully, or the answer will be vague . Do not leave the circle.

Do not try to physically touch your reflections.

There is only one request pre mirror, on the remaining three mirrors.

Aim of the ritual Edit

The aim of the ritual is to find out about your past present and future. The specific the question, the more accurate the answer. The entity's that take on your form, will only tell you small parts of your life. Changing parts of your life, that the entity's have told you about, can alter your life for better or worse, depending on what you do to change it.

With the salt make a large circle, place the mirror at north, east, south, and west. Put a candle in front of each mirror, start facing the north mirror. light each one with separate matches, naming each mirror. north is present, east is past, south is future, and west is dubbed with your name. Turn of the lights, enter the circle looking at the north mirror Facing north again, turning right after each sentence say.

I request you come to me.

I asked thy to speak to me.

I wish to hear your wisdom.

You should be facing the west mirror, with out moving say "my name is......" putting your name at the end. Your reflection will leave all the mirror's, still facing west ask your reflection these three questions, but remember you can only, ask the three mirrors for one request each.

Who are you? your reflection will respond with "I am you"

Will you take my offering? your reflection will respond with "Yes"

Is the ritual complete? your reflection will response with "yes. Start with north, ask each remaining mirror, three questions each" Ask the remaining three mirror's you chosen questions. once you have finished ask the questions, face west again thank you reflection for answering your request. The reflections will take their leave. Starting with west going counter clock wise blow out the candles, one the final candle is out the ritual has ended. Turn the light back on and every thing will be back to normal.