Lura was an average girl, Goth, shoulder length brown hair, green eye's, pail skin, and average height and weight. Attending saint hope's high school, with no friend's and getting bullied. All she wanted to do was keep out of sight and keep up with her study's, to make sure minimal contacted with the others would make thing' a little easer for her self. even though when she get's home, her torment didn't stop.

After her mother divorced her farther, as her mother put it "he's a useless cheating drunk". He blamed her for the divorce and being stuck with her, the child her mother never wanted. He would neglect her, treated her like a servant and beat her when ever he could with what ever reason he had. All the abuse, neglect, bulling and the loneliness was pushing her grasp on reality and sanity to the limit with each passing day.

She tried many time's to speak out about what was happening to her teachers but they never listened, she knew they didn't care about her any more than any other person did. it being a sunny Friday she thought she would try again hoping some one would listen, but in spit of all her effort's no one did.

Not wanting to put up with the other kid's laughing at joke's about her behind her back, no longer wanting to be treated like a servant and being hit when her dad was in a bad mood. she went in to the girls room near the front of the building, knowing if any one saw her go in none of the girls would go in. As it would be around the school in no time, she wouldn't be disturbed no matter what she did.

She took out a large knife from home and logged it in the gap were the hinge's were on one of the sterol door's. she rammed the knife throw her neck as hard as she could hoping it would kill her. The body was not found until 5:00pm that day by the cleaner's. At the funeral hardly any one turned up, her mum, dad and a about 2 or 3 people that felt guilty were there.

A 2 weeks later people were being killed by a stab wound the neck, all eye witness accounts said the same thing. the heard a girl laughing and when they turned around the saw an average girl, Goth, shoulder length brown hair, green eye's, pail skin, and average height and weight. Attack the victim be for disappearing in to thin air, they all were describing lura.

some believe she has been returned at a vengeful spirit, other's believe she has returned to get the attention she never got in life. so if you hear laughing behind you don't turn around, it could be laughing lure