My name is Isabelle Johnson, I have 3 brothers 3 sisters, and a baby brother on the way. I'm telling the story of, what happened to me and my family. We inherited £600,000 and a mansion from uncial Erick. We were very close with uncial Erick, when we pasted away it hit us all hard.

In 2007 we found out that he left us his house in his, will we all we very surprised and shocked. We didn't know what to do, not wanting to sell it. We moved in with in a few weeks, the first month was a bit hectic.

Trying to get thing sorted and to get in to a routine, But after that things calmed g was down. Every thing was well for about 2-3 months, we all were happy. When strange thing started to happen, no one really paid much attention to it.

At first it was subtle, thing like pictures on the walls would be wonky. All the clocks would stop at the same time, mysterious bangs in the night. Being blamed on the pluming. Then thing took a turn for the worse, things would get thrown across the rooms. Knifes and other sharp objects would fly at us.

Doors and windows would bang open and closed, we were terrorized 24/7, in all ways possible. We did have the have the house blessed, but half way through blood leaked from the house. From the ceiling, door frames, the stairs every were possible, the priest got scared and ran off.

Mum and dad research the history of plot, there was an ancient grave yard here. Under the house when uncial Erick brought the property, there was factory here for 30 years. It had fell in to disuse 2 years be for hand. Be for that it was an insane asylum 40 years, a lot of people had died while it was in use. Either they committed suicide, through mysterious circumstances, or through negligence. A lot of deaths were covered up, be for they were found out. Be for that was the ancient grave yard.

I wonder if uncial Erick knew about it, did he go through the same thing. We will never know now. We did go to see the priest that came to bless the house, but he wont re-enter our house, and he says we don't have sufficient, evidence to have an exorcism done. Its a load of bull shit he saw, blood coming from the house its self. What else dose he need, the walking dead parading through the house.