Needed Edit

1 Full length mirror

12 white candles

A bowl of water big enough to submerge your feet



Personal item

Rules Edit

Do not lose your personal item.

Do not take your feet out of the water.

Do not attempt to leave the circle.

Do not try to interact with any one.

Do not take any thing from the other universe.

Do not leave any thing in the other universe.

Place the mirror up right as possible, with 6 candles in a circle around it, the candles connected to each other by a line of salt. The chair needs to be opposite facing the mirror, with the same method of candles and salt. there should be a candle in front of the chair, and a candle in front of the mirror, connected by a single line of salt. Place the bowl of water in front of the chair. Light all the candles, turn the lights of. Sit in the chair holding your personal item, and your feet in the bowl of water. Look in to the mirror and wait.

You will temporarily be taken to another universe, that is different to ours in 1 or 2 aspects. People who have succeeded in this ritual, have clamed that in some universis, we have no eye's, or 2 heads. Its even been clamed that in 1 universe there is no religion.