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  • edit Scarycreepypastas Wikia
    edited by FandomBot diff
    Summary: Removal of a deprecated <hero> tag
  • edit Shensheng The Lost Village
    edited by FrankyDraco diff
  • new page Insite Ritual
    created by FrankyDraco
    New page: == Needed == 4 full length mirrors 4 Candles Salt You must offer 1 year of your life. Matches == Rules == Chose 3 question for the present mirror, 3...
  • new page Parallel Univirse Ritual
    created by FrankyDraco
    New page: Needed Edit 1 Full length mirror 12 white candles A bowl of water big enough to submerge your feet Salt Match's Personal item Rules Edit Do not...
  • new page Clockwork man
    created by FrankyDraco
    New page: Carl Walkman from the grave yard creepy pasta, while he was in hospital he became clockwork man. This is the recorded accounts of, what happened to...
  • new page Hostpital Ghost
    created by FrankyDraco
    New page: I have told almost every one about this story, no one has ever believed me. About it since I first spoke out about it. It still scares me till this...
    Added photo:
  • new page Teddy Part One
    created by FrankyDraco
    New page: Hi my name is Jonny I recently received an email from an unknown person. Every time I tried to send an email back, all I got was unable to deliver...
    Added photos:
  • new page Mrs Heroin
    created by FrankyDraco
    New page: I've always felt safe in my heroin's arms. Laying in comfort with zero control. I think my addiction is minor at most. More routine than addiction. ...
  • new page Awoken And Possessed
    created by FrankyDraco
    New page: These are my last words before I am put down for something I didn't do. I will use this time to tell you what happened in the past month. It all...
  • new page The Ace Of Spades
    created by FrankyDraco
    New page: The Ace Of Spades is known as the death card. Nobody knows why it became associated with death, but most cultures believe that the Ace of Spades is a...

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