200 hundred year's ago, there was a. village called the, Shensheng (sacred) village. it is said that, it was a beautiful. place they would, practice rituals to. please there god's, they had rituals for nearly every thing. A ritual for good harvest. a ritual for a long, and happy marriage. a ritual for a happy, fortune and long. life and a ritual, for the god to protect. them from harm and misfortune.

The village was happy, and peaceful it wasn't. a big village it, was hidden for. from any other villages, so if any travelers. found the village they, were greeted by cautious. and scared people, It was a small, village filled with happy, people living side. by side in, peace and harmony.

They were hopeful and, grateful what they had. until the day of the, ritual for the god's. they needed triplets for, the ritual but one. had ran away, the villagers became. panicked and fearful, for their lives. the village elders, decided to proceed with. the ritual with only, 2 of them. hoping the god's, would still be happy. with their sacrifice As, the villagers finished the ritual.

The ground beneath them, shook and trembled. The earth broke to, reveal hellish fire. What came out was, an undead army. The villagers ran, in fear. The ritual failed, the villagers knew. That their god's, angry with them. The god's had sent, the undead army. To kill them, displeased with them. The village erupted, in to fire. scream and cry's of, terrier and pain.

The street became, a river of blood. Then nothing but, silence dead silence. Every one was dead. men woman and, children's dead body's. paved the street's' of the village. The village was left, lifeless and forgotten. No one to tell, the story of ShenSheng. Hitch hiker's went missing, after finding the village. Only their belonging, left to be found.

The only reason the, village is know known. Is because 2 hitch hiker's. Claimed to have found, the shensheng village. No one believed their story. Of horror and, survival or that. such a place actually, exists at all. No one knows, where the hiker's are. The story of shensheng is. still circulating around, but no trace. Of what happened, to the hiker's. Or where they are now.

If you are brave enough. to find the, village there is no. guaranty you will return or. Even be found at all. It is said, if you stand. in front of a mirror. In the pitch, black and say. shensheng come to me. The villager's will appear. In the mirror, with pail face's. And blood stained cloths. They will try, to kill you. In hope of, lifting the cures. Even if you survive, the first encounter. The villager's will haunt you. Driving you insane, and they wont. Stop until you commit suicide. Or they kill you.