200 hundred year's ago there was a village called the Shensheng (sacred) village, it is said that it was a beautiful place, they would practice rituals to please there god's, they had rituals for nearly every thing. A ritual for good harvest, a ritual for a long and happy marriage, a ritual for a happy, fortune and long life and a ritual for the god to protect them from harm and misfortune.

The village was happy and peaceful it wasn't a big village, it was hidden for from any other village so if any travelers found the village they were greeted by cautious and scared people. It was a small village filled with happy people living side by side in peace and harmony.

They were hopeful and grateful what they had, until the day of the ritual for the god's. they needed triplets for the ritual but one had ran away, the villagers became panicked and fearful for their lives. the village elders decided to proceed with the ritual with only 2 of them, hoping the god's would still be happy with their sacrifice. As the ritual finished the ritual the village was attacked by an army, no one from the village survived the attack.

If you are brave enough to either find the village you will never be found again or, stand in front of a mirror in the dark and say shensheng three time's. the people of the shensheng village will come and kill you in hope's of being set free of their curse.