The Muppets is a well know children's program, but there's on e episode that wasn't shown on TV.

The episode starts of normal, then it shows all the Muppets. Except Kermit hiding in fear. Kermit is walking around looking for, them with a shot gun in his hands. The episode starts jolting and static in place.

You cant make out any of the Muppets. Due to the poor imagery but Kermit can be heard, saying "Come out, Come out were ever you are".

Gun shots and screaming can be heard. At the end of the episode, Kermit can be seen picking up a camera. He walks around showing all the Muppets, camera men and some others dead. In a pool of their own blood, with looks of terror and fear stuck to their faces.

All the people that viewed the episode, are suffering from permanent trauma. No one know what happened to the copy of the episode. There was an investigation in to who, created the episode but no one was arrested.