Back in the late 1950s there lived a boy named Jonathan. He had brown hair, he was short and he always wore a black trench coat with a hood. He lived a normal life, but in school, he would always be bullied emotionally and physically and they would say his trenchcoat is ugly and he wears it just to be cool.

One day, the bullies apologized to him and they became friends, or so he thought. A few weeks after the kids became friends, the bullies led Jonathan to a shed, The bullies called it the "hangout". Once the all the kids went in, the last one came in and locked the door.

The bullies then looked at Jonathan, and smiled. Jonathan whimpering, said things like, "What are you doing?!", "Stand back!" and "Get away from me!" One of the bullies pulled Jonathan to the floor and the kids started to beat up Jonathan till he died.

Years Later, during a reunion, one of the bullies noticed the shed where he killed Jonathan with his friends. Curious, He went inside the shed.

Everybody in the reunion then, heard a giant skrilling scream. They all rushed to the shed. When the door opened everyone saw Jonathan with his black trench coat and a hood on, But as if he was older around the same age as everyone at the reunion, He was staring at the ground but he then looked up at everyone. He then said: Nobody "remembered me..". He than vanished like particles of dust.

School Bag

Everyone than saw The Corpse of the man who screamed with his face smashed, next to him was Jonathan's old School Bag. They then opened the bag and when they viewed the contents everyone was horrified, some vomited. Jonathan's mutilated rotted corpse was in the bag.